This Guide covers most areas of interest to cruising yachts sailing in South Australian waters. It provides detailed information on anchorages and marinas from Ceduna on the SA West Coast to Port Fairy in western Victoria (to assist those yachts on passage from SA to Tasmania or through Bass Strait to Australia’s east coast).

It is not a Cruising Guide and contains no charts or navigation instructions. It assumes any cruising yacht will have the necessary paper charts, and that most yachts have various electronic charting options such as Chart Plotters and/or tablets, phones or laptops for which charting applications are readily available.  All position coordinates use the WGS 84 datum.

Extensive use is made of Google Earth images and links. Such images do not contain depth information, but they do provide excellent topographic shoreline details, and allow some examination of the sea bottom in shallow water which can be very helpful in deciding where to anchor. The accuracy of position information, particularly in a small anchorage, is quite remarkable and frequently better than either paper or electronic charts in more remote areas.

All anchorage descriptions have two Google Earth images – the first is a 2D close view with North up (equivalent to a chart), and the second is a more distant 3D view which shows the surrounding coastline and gives a very different perspective.  Google Earth links are provided for each anchorage, and users are encouraged to experiment with different scales and views. A surprising amount of information about each location can be gained this way.

A good internet connection is necessary to use the online features of this Guide. In many cruising areas the internet connection is poor or non-existent, so the Guide assumes that intending cruising skippers will ‘do their homework’ before entering such areas. The content of this Guide (both text and images) can be downloaded in PDF form onto any suitable device for use offline later.

No Guide can hope to cover every possible anchorage location, and experienced cruisers will undoubtedly observe that more anchorages could be usefully included in many of the areas covered. However, it is hoped this Guide provides good introductory information and will encourage confident exploration of the wonderful cruising grounds in South Australia, as well as the use of alternative anchorages when conditions are suitable. Comments and photographs from users are welcome, and should be submitted to the Editor for consideration in the ‘User Contributions’ section for each anchorage.

This website was created, compiled and edited by Phil Tassicker, RSAYS member, in 2020.



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