Shelter from      SE – W – NW

Indicative Anchoring Position

35° 05.8’S   137° 45.0’E

Note.    Indicative anchoring positions are for reference only and should not be used as waypoints.  The best position for anchoring depends on many factors including vessel draft, tide, and forecast wind.

Edithburgh is a township on the western edge of a large area known as Troubridge Shoals. This area has very strong tidal currents and is very shallow in parts, so care is needed when navigating or anchoring there. However, despite these minor hazards, the area provides good shelter and useful anchorages when en route to Kangaroo Island or Spencer Gulf.

The Edithburgh anchorage is situated in a blind channel inside a sand spit immediately south of a small fishermen’s jetty which is well south of the boat launching ramp and main town jetty.  The bottom is mud with moderate weed cover and the holding is poor. The Squadron has three moorings which are substantial and well maintained within this anchorage, and their use is recommended if possible. They have large yellow buoys marked with the RSAYS logo, and are at the approximate position  35° 05.85’S   137° 44.95’E .

The town has all the facilities expected of a popular holiday location. Beach landing is difficult due to rock and weed, but the small fishermen’s jetty is easy to use.

When heading to Investigator Strait from this anchorage, the Sultana Passage is well marked with fixed poles (unlit) and safe passage is possible at any tide.