Glenelg and Patawalonga

Entrance Coordinates

34° 58.35’S   138° 30.45’E

Note.     Entrance Coordinates are for reference only and should not be used as a waypoint.

This location has two quite separate sections – the Holdfast Shores Marina on the seaward side of the Glenelg Weir and lock, and the Holdfast Quays Marina on the river side of this lock.

Holdfast Shores Marina is surrounded by the busy and vibrant restaurants, hotels and apartments of this popular tourist area. Berths are available for short term stays and access is easy with no lock to negotiate and a minimum depth throughout of 3 metres.

Holdfast Quays Marina is in a much quieter and more tranquil location. Lock access is via a pass which is operated by the boat skipper. Short term rentals are generally available, and most berths are held under long term leases.

The website for information and booking details for both locations is