Hill Bay

Shelter from      NE – E – SW

Indicative Anchoring Position

34° 07.45’S   135° 16.25’E

Note.    Indicative anchoring positions are for reference only and should not be used as waypoints.  The best position for anchoring depends on many factors including vessel draft, tide, and forecast wind.

Hill Bay is located about 25 miles north of Coffin Bay, and is a surprisingly good anchorage on an otherwise inhospitable coastline. It is not really a bay, but more of an indented coast protected by a rocky reef on its north-western side, making a small but very sheltered anchorage which is well protected from the prevailing south-westerly swell.

It is very poorly charted and difficult to see when transiting even a few miles offshore.  However it is well known and frequently used by professional fisherman who have laid a few moorings there. It should be approached from the north west, keeping close to the cliffs on the shore to avoid some shallow rocky areas closer to the reef. A careful study of the Google Earth images is recommended because of the inadequate chart detail.

A large sand hill which ends at the rocky beach is located at the south western end. A dinghy landing on this beach is possible with care. The bottom is sand and the holding good.