Lincoln Cove Recreational Marina

Shelter from        All Directions

Marina Entrance

34° 44.5’S   135° 52.8’E

Note.    The marina entrance position is for reference only and should not be used as a waypoint. 

This marina is a modern and well run facility located south of the town, and part of a larger commercial precinct which includes the commercial fishing fleet. Berths are available up to 14 m, and larger vessels can be accommodated in the commercial area. Power and water are available on each berth, and there is a locked gate for security. (Click here for Marina Plan)

Showers and toilets are available (for a fee) at the nearby Leisure Centre, and council run public toilets are also available during daylight hours but locked at night. A hotel is close by, as is a service station for refuelling via jerry cans. A fuel berth is located just outside the marina, and available 24/7 using a credit card.

The marina is managed by the Sarin Group and short term rentals are managed by the Property Administrator who can be contacted on 0429 885 265. Berth rentals may also be available through an organisation called Marina Exchange which can be contacted on 0438 548 033.

A very good range of marine services is available in the precinct, with the main disadvantage being the long distance from the town which makes a taxi ride necessary for supply runs.