MacLaren Point

Shelter from

SE – S – W  (Northern Anchorage)

W – NW – N  (Southern Anchorage)

Indicative Anchoring Positions

34° 47.33’S   136° 00.36’E  (Northern Anchorage)

34° 47.79’S   136° 00.62’E (Southern Anchorage)

Note.    Indicative anchoring positions are for reference only and should not be used as waypoints.  The best position for anchoring depends on many factors including vessel draft, tide, and forecast wind.

MacLaren Point is an important location because the two anchorages, when used properly, allow a vessel to experience the passage of a vigorous front in complete safety.

In the pre-frontal N and NW winds, the southern anchorage provides excellent shelter. As the front passes and the wind turns W and SW, it is very simple to up anchor and move to the northern side. The holding is good in both locations, and in summer when the wind sometimes moves to the SE very soon after the passage of a front, shelter is still provided in the northern anchorage.

Care should be taken to avoid the rocky reef which extends about 200 metres north-east of the headland.

Shore access is easy in both anchoring locations.