Point Davenport

Shelter from      S – W – N

Indicative Anchoring Position

35° 09.3’S   137° 21.5’E

Note.    Indicative anchoring positions are for reference only and should not be used as waypoints.  The best position for anchoring depends on many factors including vessel draft, tide, and forecast wind.

The Davenport anchorage is situated at the western end of Sturt Bay about 14 miles west of the very prominent Troubridge Hill light. Point Davenport is a low lying sand spit with a lit cardinal mark, and the anchorage is immediately to the north of this headland. It is well protected from the west and south by a shoal which extends about 3 miles to the south east.

The bottom is thick weed on sand, so an anchor capable of penetrating the weed must be used.