Port Pirie

Shelter from         All Directions

Marina Area Position

33° 10.8’S   138° 00.95’E

Note.    The marina area position is  for reference only and should not be used as a waypoint.  

Port Pirie is a very large regional town dominated by the tall refinery chimney which is visible for many miles to sea. It is a commercial shipping port, and has a  well-marked dredged channel leading past the town and wharf area to a small boat harbour and marina. The council-owned public marina is a single floating finger which can be seen on the Google Earth image between the L-shaped jetty to the left and the boat ramp to the right. It can accommodate 2 or 3 boats on each side, and is for short term stays only. There is no charge for using the marina, but it should be noted that water and power are not available.

The Royal Port Pirie Yacht Club is in the building at the top of the walkway from the marina, and visiting boats can obtain a key to enable access to the Club’s toilets and showers. Mains water can be obtained (by arrangement) from the L-shaped jetty adjacent to the marina. There is no fuel berth, and fuel must be obtained from local service stations about 500 metres away.