Port Vincent

Shelter from      All Directions (in the marina)

                               SE – S – W  (in the anchorage)

Indicative Anchoring Position

34° 46.3’S   137° 51.8’E

Note.   Indicative anchoring positions are for reference only and should not be used as waypoints.  The best position for anchoring depends on many factors including vessel draft, tide, and forecast wind.

Port Vincent is a small township which is a very popular holiday destination. It is located on a bay which is formed by a small headland (called Surveyor Point) from which a long sand spit extends to the north east. The northern end of this spit is marked by a lit beacon which should be given a wide berth if approaching from the south.

A modern marina is located about a mile north of the town and most visiting yachts now use this. It is administered by the CYC of SA, but all boats are welcome, and berths can be rented for short to medium stays. At the time of writing (July 2020) the marina manager is Rob Marner who should be contacted on 0414 611 110 for bookings. It should be noted that the marina entrance has silted up considerably and is only about 2 metres deep at LAT.  Note also that Rows A, B, C and D are administered by the CYC while Row E is not, so the attached plan does not show berth numbers on that row. (See marina plan)

Historically this was once a thriving wheat port, and the entry channel to the wharf is still marked by beacons and leads. Unfortunately dredging was stopped many years ago, so the channel is now silted up and very narrow, and much of the mooring area is shallow and tide dependent. Before the marina was built, many private moorings were present in the bay on the land side of the channel, and most of these were abandoned rather than removed, so the bottom in this area is now littered with old chain which makes anchoring risky. The Squadron has two moorings which are well maintained and substantial, and these are recommended if you wish to be close to the shore but not in the marina. Their approximate position is  34° 46.4’S   137° 51.74’E .

A safer place to anchor (although with a longer dingy ride to shore) is on the seaward side of the marked channel, and it is very comfortable to anchor close to the spit in typical summer south easterlies.