South East Coast

The south-east coast is not usually a cruising destination for Adelaide based yachts, but a transit area while en-route to either Tasmania or Australia’s east coast. These destinations require sailing through or across Bass Strait, and most yachts choose to stop and wait for ideal weather before entering this notorious stretch of water.

Yachts stopping for this reason generally want the safety and convenience of a marina or sheltered wharf, which can be obtained in Robe, Portland and Port Fairy, so this is the information included in the Guide. No information is provided about anchoring in these locations.

Southend is conventional anchorage, rarely used, but included because it is one of the few good anchorages available on this coast.

Cray pot buoys are a major hazard everywhere along the coast between Robe and Portland, and many Adelaide yachts have been caught on one. They are very difficult to see in daylight and virtually impossible to see at night. The best way to avoid them is stay well off-shore as much as possible. The edge of the continental shelf is not far from the coast (as can be seen on the Google Earth shots), and it is easy to maintain a depth of 600 metres or more.  A night approach to any of these ports should not be considered.

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