Shelter from       All Directions

Marina Entrance

33° 55.29’S   137° 37.44’E

Note.   Marina entrance coordinates are for reference only and should not be used as a waypoint.

Wallaroo is a large regional town with a strong maritime sector including a commercial shipping wharf and grain terminal, a professional fishing fleet, a recreational marina, and a large housing estate with waterfront boat access. A full range of services and supplies is available, with the unfortunate exception of a fuel berth – fuel is supplied by a tanker truck, and the minimum quantity is far in excess of what a typical cruising yacht can take.

Berths are available for rental in the marina (known as the Copper Cove Marina) and the following link can be used for further information .   coppercovemarina.com.au

Anchoring is possible off the beach north of the marina entrance channel, and a dinghy landing can be made either on the beach, or at the boat launching ramp just inside this entrance.