Shelter from       All Directions

Marina Entrance

33° 02.4’S   137° 35.7’E

Note.     The marina entrance coordinates are for reference only and should not be used as waypoints.

Whyalla is major industrial town based around iron and steel production. It is not renown for its beauty, but is a centre for a comprehensive range of supplies and services which can be very useful for cruising vessels. The recreational marina basin is located immediately south of the major industrial port, and is close to the main business district.

The basin is large and uncluttered, with the marina berths in the centre, a slipway on the right and boat ramp on the left. It is council owned, and most of the berths are already rented on a long term basis, but two are supposed to be available for short term use by visitors. The council can be contacted on (08) 8640 3444 for information on berth rental. There are a number of fore-aft poles located in the eastern section of the basin, and these may be used for short stays. Water and power are available at each berth on the marina, but there is no fuel berth in the basin. The infamous Whyalla red dust is likely to coat the deck of any vessel which spends much time here.

The Whyalla Yacht Club is located to the right of the marina berths, but is largely inactive. Public showers and toilets, provided free of charge by the council, are located next to the yacht club, and are available ‘dawn-to-dusk’ and always locked at night.